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Setting up a successful remote work environment can be a daunting task, but with the right system in place, it doesn’t have to be. Our comprehensive VPN access solution allows your business to stay secure and reliable across multiple networks. Proven business internet capabilities serve as the backbone of strong connections, while unified communications platforms keep all members of your team connected when physical offices are closed or distant. Furthermore, we also provide active alerts for any potential evasive threats so you can have assurance that your out-of-office staff remains productive and protected. With our efficient network solution at the ready, businesses can trust that all essential elements for successful remote work are present and functioning properly.

Remote Access VPN with Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Manage and protect every device in your environment.

As organizations across the globe adapt to today’s ever-changing workplace and increasing reliance on remote collaboration, Amarillo Business Phone Systems understands the need for a secure and reliable way for teams to communicate and collaborate. That is why we’ve implemented a comprehensive remote access VPN solution that can be easily tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs. This powerful platform provides employees with the freedom to securely access any applications or data from their home or wherever they may be. Making sure that you can rest assured secure encryption and world-class protection of your digital assets is also provided as part of our service. Choose Amarillo Business Phone Systems for your telecommunications needs today, and enjoy secure and reliable telecommunication solutions without compromising on quality.

A secure virtual private network (VPN) provides unparalleled access to applications and data for authorized users. With added assurance in the form of multifactor authentication (MFA), only rightful personnel are granted permission. Cloud Directory simplifies user authentication further by centralizing directories from various integrations, protecting networks against malicious intruders. To offer total protection, our comprehensive IT and security solution enables connectivity across your entire network — not just providing peace of mind but also making us a single point of contact for all your business needs.

Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on remote access Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) not only provides organizations with the highest level of security, but also offers their users with a convenient way to access corporate resources. As opposed to using one single fixed form of authentication – such as passwords or physical keys – MFA combines different forms of authentication for each individual user, including biometric information for addition security and reliability. This system allows organizations to verify each user’s identification and pre-set limits on what resources they are able to access. The combination of security and convenience make MFA an essential tool for any organization managing multiple remote users needed secure access.

Cloud Directory is an incredibly efficient solution for identity and access management for organizations of any size. It provides comprehensive security protection that adheres to any compliance requirements, while at the same time allowing users the convenience of a user-friendly interface. Not only does it streamline external signing credentials, saving precious time and money, but also it allows authorized users to access their corporate resources remotely using both desktop computers and mobile devices. In a world full of cyberthreats, Cloud Directory offers a great deal of security to companies in terms of protecting sensitive data; with this service they can be confident that they are making smart decisions when it comes to protecting their organizational data without having to cope with complex implementation processes.


As remote work becomes more commonplace, businesses are faced with the challenge of managing data security for an increasingly dispersed workforce. To address this need and protect again potential data security breaches, technologies such as remote access VPNs have become essential tools to ensure proper data protection. By creating an encrypted tunnel between an employee’s device and the corporate network, these technologies provide optimal levels of security. Additionally, remote access VPNs can also offer a number of additional benefits like anonymous web browsing and access to geo-restricted content not accessible under normal circumstances. In light of these many advantages it makes sense that businesses take the steps necessary in order to use these important tools wisely and thus maintain the integrity of their valuable data.

Security + MFA

With the rise of remote work, businesses are at an increased risk of security threats that could compromise sensitive applications and data. Implementing a remote access Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a critical step in safeguarding their networks while still allowing authorized users to access corporate resources; however, by implementing an additional layer of security with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), organizations can make sure that only trusted users have the ability to gain access to their confidential information. Through this multi-layered approach, businesses can simultaneously strengthen their security capabilities and authenticate user identities with greater effectiveness. As such, combining a remote access VPN with MFA provides businesses with both effective protection from unauthorized access efforts as well as reliable authentication for their users.

Any Device, Anywhere

The modern workplace is evolving rapidly as technology continues to redefine the boundaries of where work can be done, giving employees the freedom to work anywhere. To protect digital assets and resources, businesses need to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive data. Directory synchronization proves the ideal solution for these needs: by consolidating multiple directories into one central account, companies can both guarantee the security of their digital assets while also providing flexibility for their team. This tool gives organizations comprehensive control over access and identity management, while also supporting the growing need for remote-access scenarios – ultimately allowing teams to maximize productivity no matter how far from home they may be.

Efficient Management & Billing

At Amarillo Business Phone Systems, we understand that cost-effectiveness is essential for businesses to maintain their success and remain competitive. That is why we are proud to provide a personalized suite of services to meet our customers’ needs. Our scalable SD-WAN solutions offer valuable network savings, and our Advanced Edge Security solution ensures robust data security without compromising on costs. To add to that, our monthly billing system ensures that customers only pay for the actual users logged in each month – giving them further financial assurance. If you are looking for an all-in-one cost-effective business solution, contact Amarillo Business today for more information and start benefiting right away!